In the classic, also called alternative, the skier slides his skis on two parallel tracks. Each person makes this authentic gesture according to his rhythm. It is therefore suitable for group practice and the discovery of large spaces like Megève, besides if this practice is your passion you can build your own chalet for sale in France.



In skating, we slide from one ski to another, like ice skates or rollers, on the smooth side of the track. The sporty and powerful glide, in a magnificent nature, brings beautiful sensations of speed and well-being.


A good ski

The form arrives quickly! The heart, blood circulation and breathing progress. The joints gain flexibility. And to carve your figure … Shoulders, pecs, buttocks and thighs, everything works, refines and strengthens. At a good pace, we burn 500 to 800 calories per hour. In children, the Nordic develops balance and coordination of movements. Sport of calm and skill, gives confidence quickly!

In the Nordic countries, we rarely hurt ourselves! Falls happen, especially at the beginning, but most of the time we get up and go.

A real sport to slide with all the joys that accompany it: propel yourself with all its might, accelerate the descent, negotiate turns, run, escape, far away … Adrenaline guarantee and smile!

Nordic sites are equipped to cater to groups and families: double trails, playgrounds, landscapes and heritage discovery routes. We speak, we share, we appreciate.


The well-being

While evolution in a calm and untouched nature provides a real sense of well-being, the Nordic skier also protects a unique environment. By staying on the slopes, it does not disturb wildlife, vegetation or ecosystems. Terrain, marked, guarded … the Nordic site is a space where it moves safely. Front desk staff, first-aid followers and packers each look after their favorite pastime.


Start at your own pace

With your experience or beginner, you must find your rhythm according to your fitness, your stamina or simply your experience. If you feel tired, never hesitate to stop or turn around. Adequate nutrition (light and gentle) and good hydration are essential!








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